Payment and Fees

Easy payment process and fees applicable to our sales

Payment of the vehicles

You will receive a purchase confirmation per email, including the vehicle invoice within the next hour after winning the bid.

Total payment (including applicable fees) needs to be received within the following 24 hours after the sale. Please note that we only accept payment via Bank transfer and PIN transaction. We don't accept cash.

Once the payment has been received, your vehicle together with its original registration documents can be collected! (please note that in some cases the vehicle documentation might take up to 15 days to be ready)..

More information

Buyer fees 2020

Please find below the buyer fees for vehicles bought at BCA the Netherlands. Fees are valid for at BCA registered buyers and exclusive of 21% BTW (VAT).


Registered customer



< 3.500 kg


> 3.500 kg

Buyer fees inclusive following services (over gross hammersprice)

Technical inspection/test drive

Online (and physical) lottery list


Sales- & damage pictures and damage description









thru € 999

€ 1.000 thru € 2.499

€ 2.500 thru € 3.999

€ 4.000 thru € 7.999

€ 8.000 thru € 14.999

From € 15.000 / Non-Dutch buyers

€ 100,-

€ 200,-

€ 245,-

€ 285,-

€ 315,-

1,5% (min. € 350,-)



1,5% (min. € 510,-)

Additional LiveOnline fee

+ € 15,-

+ € 15,-

Parking (From 3nd day after receiving invoice)

Non-Dutch buyers needs to pick-up the vehicle within 10 working days after receiving the pick - up confirmation. After 10 days, the parking fee will take effect.

€ 25,- per day

€ 25,- per day

Transport (within the Netherlands, with the exception of the Wadden islands)


Small commercial vehicle (LCV) */Motorbike

Bigger commercial vehicle (LCV) *

Truck/special equipment

Additional rush rate

Additional non-runner fee

Additional non-rollable rate

€ 82,50

€ 89,-

€ 123,50

On request

+ 25%

+ € 25,-

+ 100%




On request


+ € 25,-

+ 100%

Other services

Polishing small LCV *

Polishing bigger LCV *

Polishing truck

€ 75,-

€ 90,-




Op aanvraag

Desticker, per hour

€ 45,-

€ 45,-

Fueling incl. 5 liter fuel / charge electrical vehicle

€ 25,-

€ 25,-

* Small commercial vehicles (LCV) are p.e. Volkswagen Caddy, Opel Combo or Citroën Berlingo. Bigger LCV are p.e. Renault Traffic, Volkswagen Caddy Maxi.

Above mentioned prices are exclusive of 21% BTW (VAT).  Buyer fees over margin vehicles are increased with 21% and invoiced as margin.

Export fees and services

Fee for passenger cars and motorcycles registered after October 16, 2006 and a CO2 emission>50 gram:

- German registration inclusive of mandatory transport to Weeze, Germany (vehicle to be picked up at Weeze from of 5 working days after receipt payment): €332,50
- MOT (mandatory when the vehicle does not have a valid MOT): €85,-
- For motorcycles a German HU-Check is mandatory in most cases: € 175,-

Fee for passenger cars registered after October 16, 2006 and a CO2 emission<50 gram/ all passenger cars registered before October 16, 2006, LCV's, trucks and motorbikes:

- Export fee (vehicle to be picked up at Barneveld, The Netherlands, from of 1 working day after receipt payment) : €70,-

Addition fees for non-EU buyers:

- Ex.1 (mandatory): €25,-

- EUR1 document (optional): €100,-

Additional service for self-drive export buyers:

When you want to drive the bought vehicle over the road from the pick-up location (Weeze, Germany, of Barneveld, The Netherlands) we offer you against payment license plates and insurance:

- From of Weeze, Germany, ZOLL (license plates and insurance valid for 30 days): €250,-

- From of Barneveld, the Netherlands, temporary license plates and insurance for 14 days: €175,-


Your purchased vehicle needs to be picked - up within 10 working days after receiving the pick - up confirmation. When this deadline has passed, we will charge you a parkingfee of €25,00 a day.

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