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Asking for a car registration copy

Administrative documents will be delivered by post, with acknowledgement of receipt, to the Purchaser’s address when the vehicle will be collected. For vehicles that are to be exported and therefore valid to be bought without tax, the documents are delivered when we receive the CMR.

Whilst waiting for the original, it is possible for us to make a copy of the car registration documents if you fill out our form. When your request is approved, you will receive a copy of the car registration documents within 24 hours (except at weekends).

Declare a French vehicle purchased in France

Subscribe to our automatic service of purchase declaration

Don't waste your time anymore! BCA is authorized by the Ministry of Interior Affairs to manage your purchase declaration, thanks to the new Vehicle Registration System.
By subscribing to this service, each time you buy a car at BCA and once the payment is received,  we will take care of the purchase statement for 5€ excl. VAT / vehicle.

NEW: You can now find your purchase declaration online in MyBCA. Easy and fast, this solution  will save you some precious time.

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Register a foreign vehicle in France

We want to simplify your imports! Therefore, if you buy a vehicle from abroad, we offer you the possibility to help you with the COC (price can vary) at your vehicle registration in France.

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Import a car from France

If you are a foreign buyer and want to import a car purchased in France, please make sure to send us the 3 documents required. Please check all the details in our dedicated page.

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