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BCA Claim Conditions

Please note that the following cases are not subject to any claim:

  • The maximum distance your vehicle may be moved on its own axle is 50 km.
  • Vehicles with a mileage of more than 180,000 km or a first registration older than 10 years with an exclusion of claims for damages.
  • All wear parts (tyres, clutches, brakes, brake pads, etc.), parts subject to maintenance and small components (belts, etc.).
  • Costs below 350,- for both optical and technical defects will not be accepted. The net cost of the repair, or what the repair can be made for, will be used as a basis
  • Repair work has already been done to the vehicle
  • Defective vehicle batteries and resulting, undetectable damage
  • Defective vehicle batteries incl. consequential damage from external starting processes

*Please check the local dispositions down below before submitting a claim!

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