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BCA Claim Conditions

Please note that the following cases are not subject to any claim:

  • The maximum distance your vehicle may be moved on its own axle is 50 km.
  • Vehicles with a mileage of more than 180,000 km or a first registration older than 10 years with an exclusion of claims for damages.
  • All wear parts (tyres, clutches, brakes, brake pads, etc.), parts subject to maintenance and small components (belts, etc.).
  • Costs below 350,- for both optical and technical defects will not be accepted. The net cost of the repair, or what the repair can be made for, will be used as a basis
  • Repair work has already been done to the vehicle
  • Defective vehicle batteries and resulting, undetectable damage
  • Defective vehicle batteries incl. consequential damage from external starting processes

*Please check the local dispositions down below before submitting a claim!

Local Dispositions

We strive to have a unified policy to manage the claims. While our rules are almost aligned in Europe, we still have some local expections. You can find more details below.

BCA Germany
  • Claim related to vehicles with a value of up to € 1.500 net won't be considered.
  • Missing accessories according to item 1.3 of the damage catalogue, e.g. missing spare wheels, cigarette lighter, antenna rods, etc.
  • All signs of use according to damage catalogue.


More details regarding the applicable claim conditions of BCA Germany can be found in the Term & Conditions : BCA Germany T&C's

BCA Denmark
  • If a vehicle is registered, the rights to complain are forfeited.
  • Mechanical grading C vehicles can not be claimed.
  • It is unknown whether the vehicles offered have had damage/accident/collision - can not be claimed.
  • Vehicles older than 36 month with more than 80.000 km: Previously repaired and/or undisclosed damage can not be claimed.
  • The buyer is required to get bearings about all rules and regulations if a purchased vehicle is to be registered in another country.



BCA The Netherlands
  • Claim related to vehicles with a value of up to € 1.500 won't be considered.
  • Claims cannot be raised if the vehicle has been sold by the claiming dealer.
  • Claims can only be processed if they are submitted via the claim form within 1 working day of receiving the vehicle.


More details regarding the applicable claim conditions of BCA The Netherlands can be found in the Term & Conditions: BCA The Netherlands T&C's

BCA Spain

No claims will be considered in any of these cases:

  • Vehicles identified as non-running or damaged vehicles, or any vehicle included in a "damaged vehicles" or an "accident vehicles" auction.
  • Vehicles sold "as is" ("venta en estado").
  • Vehicles with a value of up to €1,500.

Vehicle documentation: Depending on the average time required for its transfer of ownership, there are 3 types of documentation:

  1. "Doc lista" (ready for transfer): 10-15 calendar days on average, 30 maximum.
  2. Documentation incidence (reservation of ownership, cancellation of the leasing process, or existence of charges): 120 calendar days maximum.
  3. Rest of the vehicles (nothing specified): 35-45 calendar days on average, 60 maximum.

If the maximum deadline is exceeded, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase. In case of cancellation, any payment for improvements made to the car (mechanical work, repairs to bodywork and paintwork) can be reiumbursed up to a maximum of €800 + VAT. Such work must be justified by means of delivery notes, receipts or invoices. If that vehicle was carried by BCA Delivery, the return transportation will be also arranged by BCA.

Know more: More details regarding the applicable claim conditions of BCA Spain can be found in the Term & Conditions: BCA Spain T&C's.

BCA Sweden
  • The vehicles have not been checked for error codes. Therefore error codes that are not known during the inspection – cannot be claimed for. BCA Sweden T&C's

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