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Upcoming European sales

09:00 onsdag 29/01

YOUNG CARS TAXFREE EU PKW und NFZ, Export und EU Netto in Euro - LiveBid

Fra leasing, udlejning og flåder; Denmark–Vejle

377 Katalognumre

09:30 onsdag 29/01

Le Mix Mercredi

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Internet – France

251 Katalognumre

09:31 onsdag 29/01

Vente Véhicules Utilitaires

Used Light Commercials; Internet – France

226 Katalognumre

11:00 onsdag 29/01

Transporter Auktion

Used Light Commercials; Neuss

164 Katalognumre

14:00 onsdag 29/01

Mini Prix Nord

Alfa Romeo; Internet – France

256 Katalognumre

18:00 onsdag 29/01

Vente Spéciale

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Internet – France

87 Katalognumre

07:00 torsdag 30/01

Alphabet used company cars 30/01/2020

Alphabet used company cars; Online

50 Katalognumre

08:00 torsdag 30/01

BMW MINI group vehicles 30/01/2020

BMW MINI group vehicles; Online

20 Katalognumre

08:30 torsdag 30/01

Athlon gesloten bod veiling

Biler fra leasing, indbytte, finans, udlejn., m.fl; Nederland E-sales

178 Katalognumre

09:00 torsdag 30/01

Alphabet Vente Speciale 30/01/2020

Alphabet Special Auction; Online

15 Katalognumre

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