Availability of transport

The coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic has unfortunately affected the functioning of our squares in Europe. 

Below you will find information about the availability of pick up. They will be updated on a regular basis. 

From 23.03.2020 the compounds in France will be closed until further notice. 

Please be informed that the original documents for the purchased cars will no longer be sent until further notice. 

From 26.03.2020 to 03.04.2020, compound in Lodi will be closed in accordance with the Italian government's regulation. The square in Piadena remains open. 

The Status mentionned above is valid as of today 19/03. Due to a very dynamically changing situation, we recommend contacting a given compound by phone. 


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Upcoming sales in Poland

11:30 mandag 06/04

Damaged Vehicles Selection 03/04/2020

Damaged Vehicles Selection; Online

2 Katalognumre

12:00 mandag 06/04

Oferta Specjalna Alphabet 03/04/2020

Exclusive Alphabet Auction; Online

105 Katalognumre

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With our online guides you can easily find all information per country.

Upcoming European sales

09:00 torsdag 02/04

Taxfree – YoungCars, EUR NETTO – Live Online

Fra leasing, udlejning og flåder; Denmark–Vejle

158 Katalognumre

11:00 torsdag 02/04

LeasePlaninruil veiling

BCA Engros; Barneveld

79 Katalognumre

13:30 torsdag 02/04


Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Barneveld

72 Katalognumre

09:00 fredag 03/04

Taxfree – YoungCars, EUR NETTO – Live Online

Fra leasing, udlejning og flåder; Denmark–Vejle

114 Katalognumre

11:00 fredag 03/04

BCA Specials

Used Truck Selection; Barneveld

20 Katalognumre

22:30 søndag 05/04

SS 05/04/2020

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; BCA Direct Multicentro

278 Katalognumre

23:15 søndag 05/04

BCA Direct

Biler fra leasing, indbytte, finans, udlejn., m.fl; Portugal Online

92 Katalognumre

23:30 søndag 05/04

BCA Direct Preço Mini - LANCES DE 50€

Alfa Romeo; Portugal Online

162 Katalognumre

07:00 mandag 06/04

Alphabet used company cars 06/04/2020

Alphabet used company cars; Online

20 Katalognumre

09:30 mandag 06/04

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag); Online

163 Katalognumre

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