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As the n°1 car remarketing company in Europe, BCA offers you the largest stock of vehicles from 9 different countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland).

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Auction game rules might differ per country. Please contact Boycke Dahlberg, Accountmanager Buyer Team International (+31655796407), who will inform you about the specifics per country.


Dedicated Import team

A dedicated import team will help you from identifying the most suitable sales across Europe until your car is delivered in your showroom. A central point of contact to support you through your cross-border purchases.

Contact Boycke Dahlberg, Accountmanager Buyer Team International, on +31655796407 today and start buying in Europe!


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Interested in young cars? LCVs? High mileage cars? Leasing returns? Each BCA market is unique in its offering and demand. Find your next car among our large European stock by clicking on the link below!

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Please follow the instructions below to learn more about our VAT policy and car documents collection depending on your country of origin.

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