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Don't waste your time anymore! BCA is authorized by the Ministry of Interior Affairs to manage your purchase declaration, thanks to the new Vehicle Registration System.

When you bought a car in BCA Italy auction, in most of cases, you will receive a tracking code and can manage the after sale status of your purchased. Go to website by PC or mobile, insert the code and see the status of payment, delivery and documentation of your vehicle.

Each time you buy a car at BCA and once the payment is received,  we will take care of the purchase statement.
Easy and fast, this solution  will save you some precious time.

Follow your vehicle status

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We want to simplify your imports! Therefore, if you buy a vehicle from abroad, we offer you the possibility to help you with a support special team.

If you want to see how easier is to buy in all BCA countries, go to Buy in Europe

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Import a car from Italy

If you are a foreign buyer and want to import a car purchased in Italy, please check all the details in our import guide.

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