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Information - Requirements

Am I allowed to buy?

To purchase at BCA you must be registered as a buyer. Registration is free and open to any professional in the automobile industry. Once you complete the registration, you are automatically authorized to purchase vehicles from the BCA Auctions.

Additionally, you will receive invitations and information about upcoming auctions that you may be interested in, as well as specific calendar of online auctions.

How can I register with the BCA to buy vehicles?

The registration can be done, upon presentation of the documents indicated below or through the form:

- Completed and duly signed client registration form

- Customer Inquiry Completed

- Proof of the activity exercise

- Start of Activity - to Register Entrepreneurs in Individual Name

- Code of Access to the Permanent Certificate - for Company Registration

- Copy of Identification Document

- Copy of Letter Insurance


Individual entrepreneurs:
- Collected with one of the Automotive CAEs (45110, 45190, 45200)
- Have at least 6 months of activity (from the date of registration of the EAC)
- Not to be exempted from VAT

- Collected with one of the Automotive CAEs (45110, 45190, 45200)
- Be the manager or be duly authorized (by proxy)

Further comments on the registration process: If the tenderer to be registered is not a Company Manager, it is necessary to submit the Bidder Declaration. All the data provided will always be validated by BCA, so that the Registration process can be refused for lack Or invalidity of the documentation 

How long does the registration process take? Once BCA receives all documentation, the registration process must be ready within 48 hours.

Registration Form

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