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Ex-lease young vehicles from France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain

Cars can be imported from the Netherlands at lower cost thanks to new Luxury Tax (BPM) rates

Changes to Luxury Tax (BPM) legislation came into effect on 1 July 2023. These changes may benefit you and may reduce the net cost of vehicles that are on sale in the Netherlands.

Upcoming sales in The Netherlands

10:00 pátek 29/09

CarNext - Nationaal

CarNext Lease Mix; Barneveld

100 lots

11:00 pátek 29/09

BCA Specials

Used Truck Selection; Barneveld

20 lots

11:01 pátek 29/09

BCA Bikes

MotorCycles and Convertibles; Barneveld

43 lots

11:02 pátek 29/09

BCA Vans

Used Van Selection; Barneveld

63 lots

12:00 pátek 29/09

CarNext - Overheid

CarNext Government; Barneveld

60 lots

13:00 pátek 29/09

Arval E-Sale Gesloten bod veiling

Used Car Selection; Barneveld

107 lots

13:30 pátek 29/09

Dutch Tax Free

Tax free vozidlá; Barneveld

45 lots

09:30 pondělí 02/10

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag)

Alphabet Lease veiling (maandag); Online

129 lots

Upcoming European sales

10:00 pátek 29/09

EU EV Friday

Electric Vehicles; Online

158 lots

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