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I want to register

Looking for answers about registration process? Take a look below.

1. Where can I submit my registration?

You can submit your registration here.

2. Who can buy at BCA?

Any company in the automotive industry can buy at BCA. 

3. What are the documents required to register?

Documents required for registration are listed below:

  • Confirmation of valid EU VAT
  • Extract from the National Court Register (KRS/CEiGD) with relevant PKD codes confirming the possibility of trading in cars
  • Scan of the company owner's identity card or passport

4. Can I buy everywhere in Europe?

Yes, you can participate in all auctions in Europe. 

5. My login doesn’t work, what should I do?

You should contact customer service. They will check your login details for you and if necessary give you new password. 

6. What should I do if I did not receive the activation email?

Firstly, you should check your SPAM folder. If you still can't find it, than contact our customer service

Before I buy

What should you know before purchase? Check below.

1. What are the buyer fees?

Buyer fees are different in every country. You can find details here

2. Do all the BCA Countries work similarly?

Buying in every country is similar, however there are some differences. You can find our more about pre and after sales processes here

3. How do you describe the cars?

Car description is one of the most important thing you should check before buying the car. You can find details of how we describe cars here

4. Where do the cars come from?

Cars come from our trusted vendors. Every car is checked by us before entering an auction. 

5. Can I get the cars prices before the auction?

You can see prices in some auctions like Buy Now, xBid and BCA EuroShop. You will not be able to see prices in Live Online auction and Internet auction. 

6. What are the VAT Status?

VAT Status tells you what king od invoice you will get: net, gross or margin. 

7. What is a Fast Track solution?

Fast Track solution is our special transport offer for Polish buyers. Transport process begins even before you pay for the car, you can find more details here

Buying at BCA

Have questions about our auctions? You will find answers below.

1. How do I access to an auction?

After the registration, you have to log in. Then you will be able to access auctions from auction calendar. To access our Live Online auctions, you have to click on "Connect to Live Online" button in right top corner. 

2. How does an auction works (formats)?

On our platform you can find auction in which you can directly buy a car: Buy Now, BCA EuroShop, and traditional auctions in which you have to participate and place bids. You will find more explanation here

3. How do I buy if I cannot participate to an auction?

If you can't participate in an auction than you can place a proxy bid - it's an offer you can place with your maximum amount, if you can't participate in an auction then we will bid in your place to that amount. 

4. How do I bid?

Depending on form of auction you can bid traditionally, during live auction every 50€, 100€ or 200€ or you can directly buy a car. 

5. How can I check if I won the auction?

You will be notified by email shortly after the end of the sale. Furthermore, you will also find this information under MyBCA.

6. How do I know if I am the highest bidderI

In every auction, if your bid is the highest, near offer you placed you will see text "Your winning bid".

7. How do I place a proxy bid?

You can enter an auction before it starts and then in a dedicated box you can submit a proxy bid. 

In a xBid auctions you can submit proxy bid in a dedicated box in a car description page. 

After I bought a car

You bought a car and don't know what to do next? Check the answers below

1. How do I access to my purchased vehicle list?

You can check your purchased vehicles list in MyBCA - Items won.

2. How do I check the vehicle status?

You will get an email about your vehicle status. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us

3. Will I get an invoice with the VAT?

Receipt of an invoice with VAT depends on the type of invoice settlement for a given car. You can find this information in a car description page. 

4. Should I pay the VAT?

If you have EU VAT you don’t have to pay the VAT applicable in each country, for the type of invoice settlement - gross calculation.

5. How and when should I pay?

You are required to pay the invoice within a maximum of three days after receipt.

6. Can BCA Transport the cars for me?

Yes, we can transport your car for you. You can check our transport offer here

7. How do I check the transport status?

To check the transport status please contact us.

8. Can BCA help me with the custom documentation?

Yes, if you need help with documents please contact us

9. How do I receive the documents of sold vehicles?

To receive documents you have to send scan of CMR to dedicated email address - It's different in every country, you can check it here.

10. Can I submit a claim on every vehicle I've purchased?

You can't file a claim on all cars. A complaint is not valid for Mini Price auctions, it should not be made if the value of the subsequent damage noticed does not exceed €300.

In addition, the basis for the complaint is to note the damage upon receipt of the car on the CMR document otherwise the complaint will be rejected.

11. How and in which cases can I open a claim?

Process of submitting a claim is similar in every country but first you should read local claim policy. You can find it here.

Remember that you can submit a claim on damages that were not included in description of the car. 

Have more questions?

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